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Offers for companies

Beyond our retail services in the field of textile cleaning, well known for already almost 25 years, our Company dynamically develops its activities targeting companies interested in providing similar services.

This basically implies the following two areas:
Laundry and outerwear cleaning services offered for hotels, pensions, restaurants, pleasure boats etc., including clothes of the staff and of the guests, with door-to-door service within Budapest. In addition, we offer cleaning services for offices (carpet and curtain cleaning etc.) and service providers (cleaning of uniforms, such as visibility vests used in airports, motorcycle clothes etc.).
Cégeknek ajánlatok
Our Company is sole representative of BÜFA, a world leading German Company, selling its products on the Hungarian market to textile cleaners and processing service providers. In addition cleaning service accessories, such as wire hangers or pant marker strips are also available for order.

Franchise contact person

Mr. Karl Zoltan

Phone: +36-30-932-2001
Email: karl.zoltan@topservice.hu

TopClean Ruhatisztító - Ametiszt Ruhatisztító Franchise

Based on preliminary qualification and on-site inspection performed by our Company there is also possibility to open TOP CLEAN shops in franchise system, typically in localities with population exceeding 50,000.
Executive director

Mr. Karl Zoltan
Phone: +36-30-932-2001
Email: karl.zoltan@topservice.hu


TOP SERVICE Hungária Kft.
1112 Budapest, Ütköző sor 6.
E-mail: info@topservice.hu

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