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Sale of textile cleaning substances

We stay at the disposal of our business partners. Our Company is able to supply a wide range of chemicals necessary to the laundry and dry cleaning services and to stain removal.

Furthermore, we are also marketing accessories for dry cleaning services (hangers, trouser strips etc.), as well as the cleaning agents and additives of the mentioned world leading German company, , with exclusive marketing right in Hungary. Our partners in this field are typically cleaners, textile processing and confectioning factories etc.
Terasit FC Impregnáló
Redulin BUR Színlehúzó
Oldozym AP Enzimes mosószer
Lizerna PT Zsíroldó, műgyanta
Lizerna Pret Keményítő szer
Lizerna Konz Zsíroldó
Fettlöser Flüssig Mosószer
Detaprofi Blodex Foltkezelő
Sasköy Attila Technical Manager
Other additives for textile cleaning and wire hangers are also available for our partners. If you have any question, please contact Mr. Attila Saskőy, Technical Manager. Learn more about BÜFA products. More information ... Available languages:
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