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Hotel service

Our Company offers its services not only to the population, but we also stay at disposal of the public institutions. Special emphasis is laid on quick and correct service granted to hotels (hotel industry). Today, we already clean sheets and staff clothes of nearly 35 hotels. Beyond hotels, we also serve pensions, offices, restaurants, public protection services for cleaning items such as uniforms, protective clothes (e.g. visibility vests for airports) in the following areas:
      • Cleaning and laundering of all types of home textiles (curtains, drapes, removable furniture covers, cloths etc.) for offices
      • Washing and ironing of bedsheets and towels for individuals and pensions, fitness centres
      • Cleaning of the staff’s and guests’ clothes for hotels and pensions
      • Washing of tablecloths, napkins, work clothes for restaurants
            • Airport textiles (mops, safety vests etc.)
            • Visibility and protective clothing (motorcycle clothing)
            • Carpet cleaning in specialised shops
            • Dyeing of textiles (cotton fabrics)
            • Motorcycle clothing


          In addition, we undertake full professional cleaning of work clothes and uniforms of individuals and of entire staffs in environment-friendly manner. Individual prices tailored to your needs, based on contract, for dry cleaning or process.
          Top Clean Ruhatisztíró
          Ametiszt Ruhatisztító
          For details, please call the following phone number:
          Mr. Karl Zoltán
          Phone: +36-30-932-2001
          Email: karl.zoltan@topservice.hu
          Please contact Supervisor Mr. Karl Zoltan for contract conclusion. Ask for individual price calculation for or cleaning or other services. Use the advantages and possibilities offered by contracts.
          Executive director

          Mr. Karl Zoltan
          Phone: +36-30-932-2001
          Email: karl.zoltan@topservice.hu


          TOP SERVICE Hungária Kft.
          1112 Budapest, Ütköző sor 6.
          E-mail: info@topservice.hu

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